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#BanksNeverAskThat is an anti-phishing campaign from the @American Bankers Association. It teaches you how to spot online bank scams by learning the things your bank will never ask. Can you spot if you’re being phished? Take the quiz to find out:

Customers lost $3.3 Billion to phishing and other fraud in 2020. Make sure you don’t fall victim by taking this interactive phishing quiz from the @American Bankers Association: #BanksNeverAskThat

Phishing is the most commonly reported cyber scam — we want to change that! Check out these phishing red flags, then sharpen your scam-spotting skills with this new phishing quiz: #BanksNeverAskThat

Familiarize yourself with these #phishing tip offs in texts, emails, and phone calls, then prove your scam-spotting skills are up to snuff with this quiz: #BanksNeverAskThat

Did you know 1 in 99 emails is a phishing attack? Here are 5 clues that always give away a scam. See if you can spot scam texts, emails, and phone calls: #BanksNeverAskThat

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